giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Notiziario Accento

It was inaugurated in Gela in the Art Gallery Café Vico Tilaro in Gela, the artist shows abstractionist mazzarinese Gianni Santagati. Many of the works exhibited will be seen until the month of October. A alternazna of volumes and planes, in front of a background compositional projects: No this is the search for Gianni santati, suspended between the surface and form. The artist lives and works in Caltanissetta, and teaches Disciplines Geometric, Architectural and Furniture - Design Industrial Design at the Art School "Philip Juvara" in San Cataldo. Since 1967 interested in painting has participated in various artistic activities, group exhibitions, personal and competitions. The exhibition follows the one made to the Castle of Favara in the last month that has achieved great success and that made last May at the Archaeological Museum of Caltanissetta, organized by architect John Chrysostom Nucera, with a critical essay by Giuseppe Elia Athanasius.

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